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Frequently Asked Questions - Training

What type of First Aid training do we need?

Early years settings require paediatric First Aid as detailed in EYFS Statutory Welfare requirements. It is good practice for anyone working with children or young people to have an Emergency Life Support Certificate. It is good practice for those in a working environment to have at least one First Aider who has attended the Emergency Life Support at Work course.

How many of us need to be trained in First Aid?

Best practice suggests that you should ensure you have at least one qualified first aider present when your Club / Organisation is Open. Working towards increasing this is good practise too as it will allow for sickness, holiday cover and general flexibility within your team of workers / Volunteers.

Do I need a Food Hygiene Certificate to do food for our group?

If you are preparing / handling of food it is good practise to obtain a Food Hygiene Certificate.

Where will I find the latest training courses?

All our training course can be found on our Training Hub section. They are also displayed on our calendar alongside events.

Who do I contact if I want to arrange my own course?

The person you would need to contact is Tracy Dack our Training and Development Administrator. To contact Tracy either email: or call 01603 819135.

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