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Sad Goodbyes to Jess Dillon


Our brilliant Jess is heading off to join the Benjamin Foundation on Friday 9th June.  We are thrilled about her new opportunity and that she is going to join one of our member groups, but very sad to be losing such a valued member of staff. Jess joined Momentum in September 2010 as an Administrative Apprentice and leaves us over six years later as our Communication and Membership Officer, having gained a Level 3 in Business Administration.  

Things are Momentum are never going to be the same again and those of us who are left are going to find ourselves without our main knowledge base of our member groups - Jess always has the answer! If you have ever rung, visited our office our attended a Voluntary Sector Forum it is more than likely that you will have had the benefit of Jess's friendly and helpful ways.  Even when Jess has been up to her eyes in work or having a bad day she always does her best to give you the answer you need - it would seem that nothing is too much trouble!

I've worked with Jess for three years and I've been impressed by her ability to manage so many different things and her creativity. I'm sure that all those who have the pleasure of working with Jess in the future will value her experience, skills and personal qualities - she's got a lot to offer! 
Jess will be spending her last afternoon with Momentum at our AGM, so if you wish to come and see her to say your goodbyes please do join us. Don't forget to let us know that you are coming by emailing 

Who to contact in Momentum
We thought it might be useful to let you know who the right person to contact in Momentum for your query.  Please see the grid below showing the area of responsibility, named member of staff and email address.  Our (01603) 672333 phone number is our central number for the team.We are currently in the process of appointing a team member to join us to take on responsibility for our social marketing, but in the meantime keep sending us your items for our E-news. 

Cindee Crehan
Chief Executive

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