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Norwich YAB priorities are set as:

Youth Participation -  the aim is to build young peoples confidence to take action (personal/social) and to inform/develop the projects they are a part of and any other community work (e.g. youth council, social action projects, campaigns, signposting)

Supporting vulnerable young people -  the aim is to raise awareness of Social Mobility, to offer vulnerable young people opportunities and support them through their vulnerable and tough environments (e.g. Grant/project applications, 1-1 support work/apprenticeship/college placements, alternative education, signposting/networking)

Raising awareness of Racism and Religious Discrimination -  the aim is for young people to have a better understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity. We also want the providers to connect with current BME services (e.g. Networking with relevant services, cultural diversity workshop/class/sessions etc and signposting relevant services for young people)

Please see the funding specification and application form from Norwich YAB. Details of the funding available are in the document.

Raising awareness of bullying and the negative effects on young people  - the aim is for young people to have an increased awareness of bullying and its impacts. We also want those young people to tackle and reduce bullying in their communities (e.g. campaign/youth ambassadors)

Please see the funding specification and application form from Norwich YAB. Details of the funding available are in the document.
Closing date for applications is Midnight on Friday 8th July 2016 and any applications received after this date will not be considered. If you have any questions or require further information regarding the Youth Advisory Board or the funding process, please contact Colin Dutton on 07876865990 or

Minutes 17th January 2017

Minutes 8th November 2016
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