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Physical Harm

norfolkscbTarget Staff: Those who work regularly with children and young people and adults who are parents or carers and may be asked to contribute to assessment of children in need (Group 3) and those with a particular responsibility for safeguarding children (Group 4).

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Aim:  To provide practitioners across all agencies with best practice principles for the assessment of children and young people who may have experienced physical harm.

Learning Outcomes - By the end of this session participants will have: 

  • To understand that physical injury may occur both as a consequence of intentional harm and of neglect.
  • To understand the overarching emotional impact of physical harm.
  • To understand that physical evidence of injury is not diagnostic of physical abuse.
  • To use current evidence to assist in assessment of the likelihood of physical abuse.
  • To understand when it is appropriate to seek medical advice and who is most appropriate to provide a medical opinion

Location:  Great Yarmouth Race Course

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