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Norwich YAB

The Norwich Youth Advisory Board is a body of young people and professionals that meet on a bi-monthly basis. The aim of the YAB is to identify issues that impact on young people and to play a strategic role in meeting these needs.

Norwich YAB Tender Specification and Application Form

In partnership with Public Health, the Norwich YAB is looking to commission £50,000 for a part time Campaigns Administrator to help young people quit smoking, with Norwich and the surrounding suburbs the focus of the work; this project should reach people aged 11 - 19 and will target youth groups and community venues across Norwich City and surrounding areas, rather than schools for this work. The post will need to have a budget within the £50,000 for incentives to support young people to successfully quit, promotional campaigns, venue hire and any additional costs such as training etc.

Find more details in the application form below.

Application Form

The closing date for applications is by Midnight on Friday 16 February 2018 and any applications received after this date will not be considered.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding the Youth Advisory Board or the funding process, please contact Jessica Barnard on 07880092190 or by email.

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