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Our aims and values

Our Core Values

  • Our commitment is to young people and those who support them.
  • We are dynamic, positive, creative and responsive.
  • Our relationships are at the heart of what we believe in.

Aim 1: We will deliver outstanding support to our members and those organisations with whom we work.

Our members and the organisations with whom we work are at the heart of what we do. Through our strong relationships and experienced staff, we will deliver the services they need to strengthen their work with young people.

Aim 2: We will support high quality services to young people.

Young people should have access to activities which are safe, challenging and inspirational - and enable them to develop positive relationships and gain new skills. We are committed to providing high quality services in local communities when young people need them.

Aim 3: We will use our growing profile and voice to strengthen local youth services.

Our new strategy provides clarity about who we are and our local role in championing young people's services. Our growing profile provides opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our members and ensure that our voice is heard across the region and nationally.

Aim 4: We will be a strong and focused organisation able to demonstrate our impact.

We recognise that a strong local youth sector needs a focused and efficient membership organisation. We have ambitious plans and will work hard to attract new income and supporters. Showing that youth work makes a difference to young people is more important than ever; and we will strive to achieve this.

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