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South Norfolk YAB Young People's Fund
Amongst its wider activities to increase and enhance youth provision in South Norfolk, the YAB has made available a new £5,000 fund to support young people experiencing hardship and who are prevented from achieving their aims and aspirations due to financial barriers.

Who can apply:
The Fund is open to individuals aged between 11 and 25 years who live in the South Norfolk area. Applications will preferably include the name of a supporting adult - for example a parent, tutor, employer or youth worker. (Applicants under the age of 18 must provide this information).

Funding available:
Individuals can apply for grants of up to £500 to cover items such as uniforms or suitable footwear for work, tools or equipment to enable them to enter vocational training or work, or transport costs such as a season card which will enable travel to a place of training or work. The grant may also cover school uniforms and footwear. We would expect the majority of this fund to be spent on educational, training and employment items and opportunities.

Individuals can also receive support for activities which aid their personal development, including sports clothing or equipment, musical instruments or a one-off special training or performance opportunity. Expensive items such as a computer may be considered where it can be shown that a lack of access is preventing progression in education, work or in training. Grants will
be provided on a one-off basis to help with an immediate situation that is preventing the individual from achieving their aims and aspirations (on-going costs are not eligible for support).

The applicant must demonstrate that this money cannot be obtained through any other means, or to the time scale required. Young People's Fund Application Process 

For more information around opportunities for young people, please see

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