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Partner Events by Month: November 2020

 Below you can find a calendar of events organised by Momentum members and partners. We are happy to include your events such as training courses, fundraising events, conferences and other events you'd like to spread the word about. All you need to do is to complete our template and send it back to

While care has been taken to ensure that information contained in this calendar is true and correct at the time of publication, changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact on the accuracy of this information.

Tuesday 10th November 2020

Appreciating the Importance of Attachment in Assessment

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Wednesday 11th November 2020

Physical Harm

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Wednesday 18th November 2020

Signs of Safety Foundation Virtual Training

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Thursday 19th November 2020

Adult Mental Health First Aid Training

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Monday 23rd November 2020

Family Network Virtual Training

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Young Carers Webcast

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Wednesday 25th November 2020

Child Protection Conference Virtual Training

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