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Assessment skills with Children and Young People Displaying Harmful Sexual Behaviour

norfolkscbTarget Staff: This is a full day course for professionals who work with children and young people in a role where they may be required as part of their role to make an assessment about a child’s behaviour. Participants on this course should have attended the 90 minutes workshop, ‘Identifying Harmful Sexual Behaviour in Children and Young people’ or have a good working knowledge of the Brook Traffic Light Tool and the Hackett continuum of harmful sexual behaviour in children and young people.

Course Duration: One day

Learning Outcomes - By the end of this course participants will be able to: 

  • Understand some of the reasons why young people might display harmful sexual behaviour
  • Understand the skills and techniques to use when having conversations with children and young people and their parents/carers about harmful sexual behaviour (HSB)
  • Understand what information to gather when assessing HSB in children and young people
  • Know how to analyse information gathered about a child or young person’s harmful sexual behaviour to support understanding of and begin to think about next steps for managing and addressing the behaviour

This training is being delivered free of charge by the Harmful Sexual Behaviour Project.

Venue: Great Yarmouth Race Course

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