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Breckland Domestic Abuse Network Event

Norfolk County Council Logo 2Come and join Norfolk County Council's network event in Breckland, where Dr Kelly Semper will be talking about Adverse Childhood Experiences. 

Domestic Abuse (DA) is regarded nationally and internationally as one of the ten ‘Adverse Childhood Experiences’ or ‘ACEs’. The research around ACEs including what they are and how they may impact a person not only in childhood but also throughout their lives is gaining much recognition across multiple agencies in both the statutory and voluntary sector. In addition to this, many interventions are exploring how we might mitigate the impact of ACEs and better support both children, and adults who have experienced trauma.

This presentation explores how, as Domestic Abuse Change Champions, we might use the evidence base, and innovative research which is ongoing around ACEs to inform our own practice to understanding, and better supporting victims of DA and their families.”

Charles Burrell Centre – Staniforth Road, Thetford IP24 3LH

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