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Developing a Culture of Engagement Online Workshop


Have you considered working with the whole family around Domestic Abuse? Do you feel confident to address the unhealthy behaviours of the perpetrator of abuse in a family?

When working with families, it is vital to understand the whole picture in order to give the best support to that family – this includes understanding and working with the perpetrator, as well as the victim and children.

Perpetrators of abuse come in all shapes and sizes, being able to identify them and understand how they think and work is beneficial for any professional who works with people. Our Developing a Culture of Engagement workshop answers questions such as –

  • Are perpetrators of abuse always violent?
  • Are women ever perpetrators of abuse?
  • Is isolate and separate always the best option for a family?

As well as changing the narrative around working with perpetrators, this course gives professionals the knowledge and the tools to begin working with abusers as well as coercive controllers within relationships. The workshop covers topics such as:

  • Typologies of Perpetrators: What are they and how we can effectively work with each typology
  • Staying together: How to support couples effectively who want to stay together and creating an accurate and real safety plan
  • Practical tools for working with perpetrators: This course gives some tools to begin working with perpetrators, however the follow-on workshop The Engage Toolkit will give more tools and opportunities to use these tools..

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