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Domestic Abuse and its Impact on Families

NSCPCourse Aim

To raise awareness of the impact of domestic abuse on children and families, and to gain confidence in responding to their needs.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Define Domestic Abuse.
  • Understand the Power & Control dynamics of domestic violence/abuse [Duluth model].
  • Identify the risks presented by domestic abuse to children’s safety, development & education.
  • Understand the impact of domestic abuse on the non-abusing parent and how this can affect their ability to care appropriately.
  • Identify the additional risk factors associated with domestic abuse, such as mental health, drugs and alcohol use.
  • Describe inter-agency roles and responsibilities for providing services to parents and children experiencing violence.

Further Details

Target Staff: This course provides an introduction to domestic abuse and the impact it can have on children, young people, parents and carers as well as tools and techniques that can be used when working in this area.

Course Duration: One day

Location: Great Yarmouth Race Course

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