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Effective Management of Practitioners who work with children and families


To equip managers and supervisors with practical skills in supporting practitioners who work with children and families.


By the end of this course participants should:

  • Have considered your role as a leader in influencing safeguarding children practice within your service

  • Understand the barriers to effective communication in multi-disciplinary working

  • Know the key elements of good communication which lead to professional challenge and how to develop these skills within your team

  • Have knowledge of Norfolk’s policy on Resolving Professional Disagreements and how to implement this in practice

  • Understand what is meant by the term professional curiosity in relation to keeping children safe and how to develop professional curiosity within your service

  • Have an awareness of the serious case review Thematic Learning Framework in relation to professional curiosity and challenge

  • Be able to recognise and understand indicators of collusive practice and know how to challenge appropriately within and from your service

  • Have a greater understanding of how to identify skills gaps within your service

  • Developed techniques to support practitioners to implement learning into practice

  • Develop skills in providing safety and containment to practitioners who work with children and families, including, but not limited to, holding risk and uncertainty

  • Develop skills in recognising and support good practice

Further Details

Target Staff: Managers and supervisors of services working with children and families.

Course Duration: One day

Location: Ayton House, Wymondham

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