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Engaging and Retaining Young People as Leisure Centre Users

Active Norfolk‘Are you ready to welcome teenagers and young adults into your leisure centre?’

This 3-hour workshop will help frontline, management and development staff at leisure centres to improve engagement with young people from low income groups and increase the
diversity of their users. 

The workshop will cover the following key areas:

  • What makes young people choose physical activity? What puts them off? How can you make your programme more appealing?
  • How do you get young people through the door of your centre and how do you make them feel welcome? Top tips on engaging and retaining the more inactive and harder to reach young people as participants.
  • Helping facility staff to establish positive relationships with young people and deal effectively with challenging behaviour if it does arise. 
  • Understanding the value of the youth market to your business. The financial benefits of increased usage and income through both casual use and new memberships. 
  • How working with young people from underrepresented groups can help a leisure facility to demonstrate the wider contribution it makes to the local community and provide access to new sources of funding. 

The workshop will assist leisure centres that have included the new Doorstep Sport module (available from Spring 2017) within their Quest for Facilities application and are preparing for assessment.

Course duration: 3 Hours

Minimum age: 16 Years

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