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Epilepsy and Seizure Management

Training Assessment

This course aims to provide awareness of epilepsy and seizures and the knowledge, skills and confidence required in relation to person-centred epilepsy management.


  • The different types/classifications/potential causes and common trigger factors of epilepsy and seizure
  • Status epilepticus – how to recognise and respond appropriately, following care plans and guidelines
  • First aid for convulsive and non-convulsive seizures: VNS, & buccal midazolam – practical elements using training models (administration of rectal diazepam can also be included if required)

Also encompassing:

  • Awareness of local protocols and organisational policies
  • Awareness of the importance of respecting lifestyle choices and capacity decisions (MCA 2005 & DoLS 2007)
  • Awareness of benefits and risks with complimentary treatments and holistic management (e.g. ketogenic diet, music, aromatherapy etc.)
  • The importance of recognising and responding to health and wellbeing and reporting requirements

Cost per person: £49 +vat.

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