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Graded Care Profile and Parenting Capacity


Course Aims

To provide attendees with knowledge and skills in using the Graded Care Profile to inform decision making in Neglect cases. To increase knowledge of tools to assess and enable parental capacity to change, and understanding ofcommon elements that impact on behaviour change in adults. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course participants should:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the common elements of behaviour change in adults including resistance ambivalence, motivation and engagement
  • Demonstrate a practical understanding of the professional's role in assessing and enabling parental capacity to change
  • Describe the key elements of motivational interviewing when working with parents
  • Explain the Graded Care Profile (GCP) and how it can be used to measure and target the quality and level of care given to children by their parents
  • Identify how the GCP tool can be used to effect change in parental behaviours
  • Demonstrate a practical application of the GCP using a case study
  • Describe the multi-agency modes recommended by Norfolk LSCB for assessing parental capacity to change
  • Describe Norfolk LSCB's policy on the use of the GCP and how it will work in practice

Target Staff

Those who work regularly with children and young people and adults who are parents or carers and may be asked to contribute to assessment of children in need (Group 3) and those with a particular responsibility for safeguarding children (Group 4). 

Course Duration

One day


Abbey Conference, Norwich

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