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Medicines Management

Training Assessment

This course is vital for all staff who have any involvement  in administration of medicines, to raise awareness and encourage ‘safe practice’:

  • effective medicines management and correct procedures 
  • accountability and responsibility regarding care, control and safe administration of medicines
  • your role in relation to the administration of medicines - including the “rights”- PLUS correct storage, safe ordering, receipt and disposal
  • defining the terms side effects, cautions, adverse reactions and contra-indications and the importance of monitoring and reporting
  • awareness of policies, procedures, regulations, legislation and best practice guidelines in relation to medicines management and correct documentation
  • To discuss safe administration of ear drops, eye drops, inhalers, patches, ointments and creams
  • This session informative and interactive session includes practical elements/exercises

Further Details

Duration: Half Day

Location: Norwich

Cost: £45 + VAT per person

To book a place please contact:
Tel: 01603 611107 or Email: