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Restorative Approaches - Being Restorative

NSCB New LogoRestorative approaches seek to build and maintain respectful, collaborative relationships and equip people with the skills to resolve conflicts and address challenging behaviour.

Target staff: This one day training is suitable for everyone who wants to develop non-confrontational, compassionate communication skills, strengthen their relationship based practice and learn new responses to challenging behaviour and conflict.

Schools Booking: There will be four spaces available on each course for education delegates. Schools should book onto the course in the normal way with standard charges applying.


  • To strengthen relationship based practice
  • To encourage participants to think about their communication, responses to challenging behaviour and conflict and how to rebuild damaged or broken relationships

 Learning outcomes - By the end of the day participants will be able to:

  • Develop means to work with people, rather than doing things to or for them
  • Articulate the key values, skills, principles and practices underpinning restorative practice
  • Adopt restorative communication into day-to-day practice to build, maintain and repair relationships
  • Understand how to adopt a non-blaming, impact focussed approach and the importance of doing so
  • Explore thoughts and feelings in order to get to underlying needs

This training is delivered by Restorative Justice Council accredited trainers.

Location: Abbey Conference, Norwich

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