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Safeguarding children and working with Eastern and Central European families

Insights and learning from a section of migrant communities across Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk

norfolkscbTarget Staff: This course is aimed at all front line practitioners and managers working with children, parents or carers.

Course Duration: One day

Course Aim: To increase participants’ levels of knowledge, confidence, and ability to engage effectively with migrant families from Eastern Europe.

Learning Outcomes - By the end of this course participants will have: 

  • Increased knowledge of cultural values and how it affects people’s behaviour.
  • Greater understanding of the significance of culture in the lives of Eastern European families and the impact on parenting styles and child upbringing
  • Developed a stronger appreciation of the nuances of culture and cultural practices and the impact on child safeguarding
  • Explored strategies to better engage families with an Eastern   European background

Location: Abbey Conference, Norwich

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