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Safer Handling Training

ASD Helping HandsSafer Handling- are specialist providers of risk reduction solutions to those working in education, children's services and in the care sector. Our strategy is to empower organisations through professional legal guidance on the Use of force with children or vulnerable adults, enabling them to implement common sense and audit-able policies and procedures to minimise risk surrounding the management of challenging behaviours.

In the field of personal safety and the management of challenging behaviours, the government or governing body do not mandate a statutory course or promote a particular system. All of the training that we provide, however, is subject to legal and medical review and has been developed by experts. 

Our training is fully legally compliant, accredited and is subject to legal and medical review.

Session 1 - Reasonable Force

This session will look at what is acceptable with regards to reasonable Force, the legal implications of Physical Intervention as well as carrying out dynamic risk assessments to ensure yours and others safety

Session 2 - Positive Handling

This session will look at Physical Interventions within the home environment and how you can keep yourself and other safe. It will look at how to properly use physical intervention.

This part of the course is physical and you will be required to be able to move about freely.

It is not recommended for anyone with injuries or back pain

Cost: £60 for full day training

Venue: Norwich

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