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Step On

The Garage Logo brownStep On provides a foundation knowledge in understanding and responding to behaviour within settings. The course explores a therapeutic model for understanding and responding to both pro-social and anti-social behaviours. In addition, the course will look at law and guidance relevant to physical intervention within settings, providing advice on the safe and effective use of everyday physical interventions. Including: 

  • develop shared values
  • promote a therapeutic understanding of behaviour
  • develop skills in communication, diversion and de-escalation strategies
  • develop a consistent approach to everyday physical interventions
  • introduce risk management documentation
  • introduce law and guidance in the area of restrictive physical intervention
  • introduce skills for working with young people post incident

This session will be delivered by Simon Blackmore. 

N.B. Anyone attending must hold a current DBS certificate.

Cost: £30, limited to 24 participants

Call 01603 283382 to book your place.