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Substance Misuse within the Family

NSCPCourse Aim:

  • To develop an understanding of the harm that both parental drug use and young people's drug use has on the family, taking into account developments, psychological and physical factors within a holistic assessment framework
  • To explore attitudes and values around drug and alcohol misuse and how these impact on practice
  • To explore resources policy and guidance, in order to promote positive interventions in families where substances are misused
  • To focus on the wishes and feelings of children who live in families where substance misuse is an issue

Target Staff: Group three and above

Learning Outcomes - By the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand the key features and underlying principles of the Assessment Framework in relation to substance use/misuse
  • Will have a thorough understanding of NSCB Policies 5.11 - Children and Young People who Misuse Substances and 7.3 - Children of Parents who Misuse Substances
  • Will have explored personal attitudes and values in relation to families and substance misuse and how these may impact on young people, their parents and carers
  • Will have the knowledge of key guidance documents and the competencies to work with this group

Location: Great Yarmouth Racing Course

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