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Trauma Informed Practises

spurgeonsDo your client’s sometime struggle to follow through with actions? Do you know someone who’s affected by trauma? Do you know what to do when your client’s distressed?

Often clients affected by trauma may not be ready to work through other important areas of their lives, which can be challenging for many professionals. Understanding trauma and how it impacts people allows professionals to work with their clients more effectively and appropriately.

Anyone can be affected by trauma and it impacts people in different ways. Understanding how trauma works in the brain and how it impacts people is vital for anyone working with people. Our Trauma Informed Practises workshop answers questions such as –

  • Why do people get angry or disengage when they need to be thinking clearly?
  • Why don’t people always respond the way they want to?
  • How can I engage someone who’s traumatised?

This course gives professionals the knowledge and skills to effectively work with individuals who have experienced some level of trauma. The workshop covers topics such as:

  • Trauma and the Brain: An overview of how trauma affects the brain and how this knowledge can encourage and empower clients.
  • Threat Reponses: The 5 different responses the brain has when faced with a traumatic event and why individuals respond they way they do.
  • Practical tools for working with people affected by trauma: This course gives some techniques to use with individuals when they are experiencing distressing symptoms of trauma such as flashbacks or heightened senses to ground and de-stress them in the moment.

Further Details

Please note that this course is not provided by Momentum. For bookings and queries, please contact the course provider directly.

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