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Working with Children and Young People who have experienced Child Sexual Abuse

norfolkscbTarget Staff: Advanced and experienced multi-agency practitioners and supervisors, who work with children and young people, and have particular responsibility for safeguarding and safety planning for children and young people who have experienced CSA.

This programme is designed for practitioners and managers who have already completed the NSCB Child Sexual Abuse Introductory Level course.

Course Duration: One day

Course Aim:  To offer an opportunity for advanced level practitioners to further develop their skills and expertise in working effectively with families where sexual abuse of children has been recognised.

Learning Outcomes - Participants will be able to: 

  • Understand the broad nature of child sexual abuse and be able to understand and describe theory and practice of how sexually harmful behaviours emerge in children and adults
  • Reflect on and explain the long term impact of trauma on children
  • Build on learning from local and national SCRs, identifying any system issues which can support or hinder good practice
  • Practice developing strategies, techniques and approaches to help children and their parents when child sexual abuse in a family is known
  • Recognise different coping mechanisms in complex trauma, which can increase vulnerabilities in children and as they grow into adult/parenthood
  • Demonstrate robust analysis when undertaking risk assessments
  • Design and utilise multi-agency, robust, child and family safety plans which build on the Signs of Safety approach
  • Examine and recognise stages of recovering from complex trauma and be able to effectively measure progress of work in families
  • Utilise knowledge about the relationship between theory, research and practice in respect of the sexual abuse of children and young people
  • Examine the challenges of this work for practitioners and the impact it can have on professional networks, professional confidence and personal well-being

Location: Great Yarmouth Race Course

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