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The Voluntary Sector Forum (Children & Young People) is funded by Norfolk County Council part of the Voluntary & Community Sector Engagement grant awarded to Momentum (Norfolk)

The Voluntary Sector Forum (Children & Young People) is open to any voluntary, self-help and not for profit organisations or charities that provide services to children, young people and their families in Norfolk. It exists to provide a voice for the sector at a strategic level within the county and an effective mechanism for members to discuss key issues.

The Voluntary Sector Forum (Children & Young People) holds quarterly county-wide meetings and an annual conference. Representatives are elected from amongst the members to attend strategic multi-sector meetings on behalf of the Forum.

Any voluntary, self-help, not-for-profit organisations or charities that meet the criteria below can be members of the Voluntary Sector Forum, Membership is Free.

  • Work with a specific age group, families or all ages up to 18 (25 with special needs)
  • Provide a service open to all or a targeted group (e.g. faith, BME)
  • Provide a wide variety of activities or be focused (e.g. sports clubs)
  • Support people dealing with a specific issue (such as drugs or special needs)
  • Cover a very local area (e.g. parish), operate across Norfolk, or be part of a national organisation
  • Provide a service for adults as well as children, or be entirely focused on young people
  • Membership is also open to infrastructure organisations providing information and services

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