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Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth YAB

The Great Yarmouth Youth Advisory Board is a body of young people and professionals who meet on a regular basis. The aim of the YAB is to identify issues that impact on young people and to play a strategic role in meeting these needs through the commissioning of services, lobbying on behalf of young people and influencing decision makers.

YAB's priorities for 2017-18 are set as:

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking, ASB/Crime

Data on young people’s drug and alcohol misuse is limited. However, we know that the rate in Great Yarmouth for U18 drinkers admitted to hospital is above the national average and this trend has been increasing. Also, drug gangs in Great Yarmouth have been identified as an issue with drug related crime.

ASB and Crime fluctuates throughout the year, in the summer more people are in the town due to the season and so more crimes are committed. In the winter months, ASB increases amongst younger people due to the congregation in areas like McDonalds (Town Centre), Co-Op (Bradwell) and Middlegate Estate MUGA.

Bullying and Mental Health

Council survey revealed that over 30% of young people have been bullied, however the actual figure is expected to be higher. 

Poor mental health can be a cause of bullying, and a result of it. Poor mental health can negatively affect families across generations, while having a detrimental effect on communities and schools attainment levels.

A lack of activities or things to do (Physical Health and Mental Health)

There are plenty of things to do for young people in Great Yarmouth. However, there is still a feeling that there is a lack of open access youth provision. Finance and therefore access to activities are largely seasonal.

Young Commissioner Development Programme

This extra capacity enables more young people to access participative democracy and become proactive in addressing issues in their peer groups and society.

Commissioning Plan 2017-18

2017 Youth Consultation Report

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Minutes from last meeting:

8 August 2018