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Momentum (Norfolk) Small Grants

Grants and Funding

Momentum (Norfolk) is funded by Norfolk County Council to award small grants of up to £500 to voluntary clubs, groups & organisations working with young people aged 11-19 years in Norfolk.

Grants are available to organisations with an income under £250k a year (except for youth work training; please see our grant guidelines for more information about this).


Momentum (Norfolk) Small Grants Programme

Momentum (Norfolk) Small Grants are assessed by Young Commissioners from the Youth Advisory Boards. There are several things to consider before you decide to apply for our Grants.

  • You must be a Momentum (Norfolk) member (Associate members cannot apply)
  • We have four deadlines a year for grant applications; these are published on our website (see below).
  • Please allow at least 6 weeks for a decision to be made and funds to be released (we cannot fund activities that have already taken place).
  • There are four grants available -  members can apply for up to two grants per financial year.
  • If your application is successful we will pay 50% of the grant to you and the remaining 50% on receipt of a satisfactory evaluation. (Start-up grants are paid in full)
  • You will be expected to show receipts for the full amount with your evaluation.


Start Up

This grant is for setting up a new youth group for 11-19 year olds and can include the costs of: DBS checks, insurance, venue hire, set up costs, Momentum membership and Ambition Quality Mark. You will be expected to work towards Ambition First Steps in your first year with our support.

Activity / Project

For specific activities or a project that benefits young people. You must provide evidence of how young people have been involved / consulted in the planning of this activity or project. You have to meet 30% of the cost of the activity or project yourself - we will not fund the full cost.
Examples: outreach project, camping trip, planned series of events.

Equipment / Resources

For equipment or resources for your group. You must tell us how any equipment will be stored securely and provide evidence of how you consulted with young people.
Examples: pool table, chairs, games consoles and games, computer equipment.

Training & Development

You can use this grant to meet the costs of your staff / volunteers professional development. If you are applying for funding for Momentum training please enclose completed booking forms with your application. We will need to see confirmation of booking for other training. Example: 1 place on the Level 2 NOCN Youth Work Award, volunteer training or staff training for the year.

Applications for grants will not be considered for the following:

  • Maintenance, repair or upgrading of vehicles.
  • Building / Construction work of any kind.
  • Promotion of religious activities or political causes.
  • Loans of any kind or to fund repayment of existing loans.
  • Retrospective funding of any kind.
  • Purchase of sports team strips or uniforms.
  • Any form of fundraising or collections, although support for activities that result in raising group funds may be considered.

Before submitting your application please read through our Small Grant Guidelines and use the checklist to ensure you have provided all the information needed to support your application.

If you need any help in completing the application form or have any questions please contact our Supporting Excellence Officer, Aimee Gedge on 01603 883869 or email

To request the Small Grants Application Form, please get in touch with our Groups and Membership Officer, Amelia Worley on 01603 883863 or by email. Please return completed application forms to Amelia.

Appplication Deadlines


Quarter 1: April - June 2019: 7 June 2019

Quarter 2: July - September 2019: 27 September 2019

Quarter 3: October - December 2019: 6 December 2019

Quarter 4: January - March 2020: 6 March 2020