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Preventing Child Exploitation

Preventing Child Exploitation

Child Exploitation occurs when someone under 18 is exploited by someone with power over them. This could involve criminal exploitation, where young people are coerced, controlled, manipulated or deceived into engaging in criminal activity (such as transporting drugs or committing theft), and / or sexual exploitation, where they are groomed before being sexually abused. Young people can be exploited even when the situation appears ‘consensual’, for instance when they believe they are in a relationship with the person exploiting them.

Young people might be manipulated by exploiters who give them something they need or want, such as money, clothes, accommodation or drugs, or non-material benefits such as respect, an ‘escape’ from difficult family situations, or a sense of belonging.

Exploiters might use blackmail, violence or threats of violence to control and frighten young people. They might also use debt bondage, where the young person is told that they owe the exploiter and can ‘pay them back’ by engaging in criminal activity.

To find out more about Child Exploitation in Norfolk, click on the links at the side of the page or visit our resources section for guidance, toolkits and other resources.

High quality, safe youth services can play a key role in preventing exploitation by giving young people a safe place to go, with trusted adults and other young people to speak to, and positive activities to build their skills and confidence.

The map below shows voluntary sector youth services that are open to all young people. If you have a service you’d like us to add to the map, please email Aimee:

It was produced in partnership with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk