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Volunteering for Skills

This course is an introduction course for anyone considering volunteering, who wishes to develop their existing experience and skills. It is also invaluable to those wishing to progress into larger programmes of study in related business areas such as healthcare.

You will attend a course delivered over 2 days.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this course is to prepare our learners for a role within a voluntary organisation. The objectives of this course are to help learners understand the role of a volunteer, the activities of voluntary organisations, how to identify the skills required to be a successful volunteer and understand the Regulatory frameworks that apply to a volunteer.

You Will

  • be supported to have a comprehensive insight into the role of volunteering in the community
  • be helped to appreciate the role of a volunteer, the activities of voluntary organisations, identify the skills required to be a successful volunteer and recognise the Regulatory frameworks that apply to a volunteer
  • complete a series of exercises, activities and discussions in groups that explore volunteering and the ways to become a volunteer and personal standards and requirements for working in a volunteering role
  • will be supported and coached to successfully demonstrate your achievement of all the outcomes set out in the course objectives
  • look at the commitment required and benefits of volunteering
  • explore the function of different volunteering organisations and how they use volunteers and examine the skills required to become a volunteer and learn how to improve and develop existing and new skills
  • finally discuss and examine the role of a volunteer and how to access volunteering

Together We Will

  • examine the importance of meeting personal standards, within volunteering organisations, to include the need to follow rules and instructions, dress code, behaviour and customer care
  • identify the importance of Equal Opportunities and raise your awareness of discrimination
  • explore the importance of safety requirements when volunteering
  • and enable you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge as a volunteer, in a scenario based group exercise

Dates and Times

  • King's Lynn: Thursday 19th and Thursday 26th June 9:30- 14.30 (including Breaks)

To book your place contact: Laura Holland, Volunteering for Skills Training Coordinator, Voluntary Norfolk on 01603 883820 or by email.

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Voluntary Norfolk

Key Information

Date 19/Sep/2019
Time 09:30
Location King's Lynn

Non-Member Cost Free

Course Format Free 2-day course
Open To anyone considering volunteering and for those who wish to develop skills and experience

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