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ADHD: Understand First, Support Second

ADHD can have a major effect on the lives of young people. It can cause them to struggle at school, undermine their self-esteem, and can be detrimental to their relationships with friends and family. Yet, despite the influence that the disorder can have through to adulthood, it remains widely misunderstood; the symptoms of its influence, which could lead to an all-important early diagnosis, are often missed. This brilliant interactive course is designed to provide delegates with an understanding of ADHD and the ways in which it impacts on the lives of young people. It will separate the truth from the myths surrounding the disorder, and provide practical advice on how those affected can be supported, so that the challenges they face are managed and not misperceived.

Aims & Objectives

The course is designed to enable delegates to have a deeper understanding of ADHD, in turn allowing them to comprehensively support those with ADHD.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what is meant by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  • Understand the causes of and treatments for ADHD.
  • Understand how ADHD is assessed Understand how ADHD can affect individuals.
  • Understand ways to support the learning of individuals with ADHD.
  • Know about sources of information for individuals with ADHD and those supporting them.

Target audience

For those supporting / working with young people who have ADHD.

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Key Information

Date 15/Nov/2017
Time 18:00
Location Norwich

Member Cost £35
Non-Member Cost £60

Course Format 3-hour session
Prior Learning Required No
Open To All sectors

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