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Curious About How the Brain Works?

By understanding how the brain works practitioners will be better informed to recognise when a young person is suffering from anger, anxiety and or depression and what can be done about it.

Both theory and practice are integrated seamlessly. The combined approach of experiential learning, alongside underpinning theories will help all delegates to learn, regardless of their preferred method of learning.

Course Aims

To provide learners with greater insights into how the brain works, promote professional curiosity and identify alternative strategies for engaging young people who are, at times, angry, anxious and or depressed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Delegates will have a better understanding of how the brain works
  • Delegates will be able to identify alternative strategies for working with young people suffering from anger, anxiety and or depression
  • Delegates will be better equipped to assess their own ‘mind’ and how this can affect their own practice.

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Key Information

Date 06/Mar/2018
Time 18:00
Location Norwich

Member Cost £35
Non-Member Cost £60

Course Format 3-hour session
Prior Learning Required No
Open To All sectors

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