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Working with Young People with Autism (Advanced)

This short course is suitable for all adults who engage with young people through support, voluntary groups, education and families. This short course will equip those attending with skills that include communication, understanding, and perceptions and looking at the importance of recognising potential in every individual and how we can help them in person centred manner to achieve this.

Learning Outcomes

  • To identify support strategies for people who have ASD
  • To improve our communication skills when engaging with young people who have autism
  • To recognise capabilities and abilities and to explore further development/potential for these young people
  • To consider and reflect upon our own perceptions, to value people and their diversities

Target audience

For those supporting / working with young people who have Autism.

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Key Information

Date 19/Sep/2017
Time 13:00
Location Norwich

Member Cost £35
Non-Member Cost £60

Course Format 3-hour session
Prior Learning Required It is expected that participants will have previously attended the course: 'What is Autism?' or an equivalent
Open To All sectors

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