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Workshop To Raise Awareness Of Prevent (WRAP)

Prevent is a safeguarding issue and provides support to vulnerable individuals at risk of being groomed into terrorist activities before criminal behaviour and before any crimes are committed. This workshop will enable you to recognise when a person may be being targeted and groomed for radicalisation and to know how to refer them for supportive intervention.

Learning Outcomes

This training will enable you to:

  • Understand how people can be influenced or radicalised
  • Be aware of vulnerability factors which may indicate a person is being targeted and groomed for radicalisation
  • Know how to share concerns about people vulnerable to radicalisation and how to refer for supportive intervention

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Key Information

Date 29/Nov/2017
Time 18:00
Location Norwich

Member Cost FREE
Non-Member Cost FREE

Course Format 90-minute session
Prior Learning Required No
Open To All sectors

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