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Detached and Outreach Youth Work

This module of the Level 3 course will look at the theory and practice of detached youth work.  From history to safeguarding, knowledge to common sense – from learning to practice: you may feel this defines any form of youth work. It does – but in the context of detached youth work, there are challenges and locations which will add a spin not encountered normally with traditional youth work.

We will take you through the steps which will equip and prepare you better for street-based youth work where your skills, awareness and abilities will take you on a journey which will enable you to engage with young people meaningfully – to educate and inform, empower and build relationships which will give them hope and direction.

Successful completion of these modules will give you 7 credits towards the Level 3 certificate in Youth Work Practice.

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Key Information

Date 24/Sep/2019
Time 18:30
Location Norwich NR6 Area

Member Cost Free - subject to successful completion; otherwise £80 + £16 VAT will be charched
Non-Member Cost £125 (£100 + £25 VAT)

Course Format 10 evening sessions starts on Tuesday 24th September 2019 to Tuesday 3rd December 2019 from 6.30pm to 9pm in NR6 area
Prior Learning Required Level 2 in Youth Work Practice
Open To This course is open to anyone volunteering or working in a Youth Work setting

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