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A Merger for Success

The Boards of Voluntary Norfolk and Momentum are delighted to announce that we have reached a formal agreement (in principle) to merge our two organisations.   We have agreed that by working together we can achieve so much more for the children, young people and adults of Norfolk that our sector serves.

The values of our combined teams will be to:

  • deliver positive change
  • strive to do the right thing for those we serve
  • find solutions
  • challenge ourselves to do better

We will do this by:

  • Being advocates
  • Listening
  • Leading by example
  • Being inclusive, fair and innovative

Voluntary Norfolk is known for supporting active volunteering to help keep our communities vibrant and enable people to thrive.  Momentum’s focus has been supporting VCSE organisations that work with children and young people to deliver high quality services.  By bringing together these two long-established organisations we believe that we can better help to create strong communities and a VCSE sector better able to serve the children, young people, families and adults of Norfolk. 

Our two Chief Executives are excited about working together and looking forward to drawing on one another’s strengths.  The combined organisation will have the experience, skills and resources that enable us to better:

  • Develop innovative solutions
  • Support the sector to increase its impact
  • Build strong sector wide partnerships and broker opportunities
  • Deliver responsive high-quality -and sustainable services

For us:

“Effective infrastructure is based on bringing the sector together, so that we and others, can listen, understand the issues, seek solutions and collaborate to better respond to the needs and ambitions of local people.  We will aim to be a countywide and dynamic, all age service.

We want to work in partnership around opportunities to build personal and community resilience, develop volunteering and increase the employability of local people, as we believe that this is the foundation for strengthening communities”. 


Voluntary Norfolk