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Momentum Information Kits

Momentum Information Kits

These resource kits are designed to be a guide for workers and volunteers at youth clubs, drop-in cafés, uniformed groups, sports clubs and all sorts of youth venues. They have been written with the help of experienced youth workers and other professionals with a wide range of specialisms, and with input from young people.

We hope that you find these kits useful, and we would be very interested in hearing about your experiences. Please let us know what you think, especially if there are things we can improve.

The Youth Kit and Activity Kit are the intellectual property of Momentum (Part of Voluntary Norfolk). You are permitted to download and print pages from the kits for your own usage and that of your organisation, but are not permitted to replicate the content of any part of these kits without prior permission from Momentum.

We would like to say Thank you to the following groups for helping us create our Activity kit

  • Dream Key
  • Dragons
  • Equal Lives
  • South Norfolk YAB
  • Broadland YAB
  • Active Norfolk
  • Naked Marketing


Youth Kit

The Youth Kit gives a broad overview of topics from starting a new youth club to taking young people on an overnight residential. There’s also some useful information on finances and governance to help ensure that your project is sustainable, well-managed and safe, so that it can continue providing great activities for young people for years to come. Each page provides links to further information if you want to find out more about a topic.

Section 1 - Setting Up

Section 2 - Essential Governance

Section 3 - Keeping Safe

Section 4 - Finances

Section 5 - Planning and Delivering Activities

Section 6 - Off-site Activities

Section 7 - Self Management

Section 8 - Evaluation

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Activity Kit

The Activity Kit provides some useful activities you might like to try out with your group. Every activity has a list of resources you will need, advice about risks to watch out for, and some suggestions for adapting it to make it more inclusive. They are arranged by theme to make it easy for you to find activities that your group will find challenging and enjoyable. You can print off one activity at a time whenever you need one, or print a whole section in one go to keep at your venue.

Section 1 - Icebreaker Games

Section 2 - Active Games

Section 3 - Team Building

Section 4 - Thinking

Section 5 - Issues

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The information provided in these kits is intended for general guidance only; it is not a definitive guide. We have made all reasonable efforts to ensure the information is correct at the time of publication but there may be some inadvertent errors.

The inclusion of links to external webpages does not constitute an endorsement of that site and Momentum (Norfolk) is not responsible for the content of any external webpages.

Momentum (Norfolk) cannot accept any liability for any person acting or refraining from acting on the information provided in this kit.