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Norfolk Youth Award

What is the Norfolk Youth Award?

The Norfolk Youth Award was originally set up by Norfolk County Council's Youth Service to celebrate young people's achievements. The aim is to recognise young people's participation, development and the impact they have on their community.

Three core areas make up the Norfolk Youth Award:

  • Personal Development
  • Working with Others
  • Making a Difference To Your Community

How does it work?

The young person works toward a personal goal in one or more of the areas. The goal(s) should be a challenge for that young person. They agree how they are going to achieve the goal, when the activity will take place and for how long (a minimum of 5 hours for each goal).

The young person completes a "log of volunteering activity'', which is validated by the youth worker and others. The completed log is sent to Momentum and a certificate awarded. Once all three areas have been completed the young person achieves the Norfolk Youth Award.

Who can get involved in the Norfolk Youth Award?

The Norfolk Youth Award is open to all clubs, groups and organisations that work with young people. You do not need to be a member of Momentum to run the award. Any young person aged 11- 25 years who attends a youth clubs or groups in Norfolk can take part.

 If you need help with the application process or have any questions please contact out Supporting Excellence Officer Aimee Gedge.

Norfolk Youth Award Guidance 

To see more examples and case studies on, please see our presentation.

Application Form

Log of Volunteering Activity- Personal Development 
Log of Volunteering Activity - Working with Others
Log of Volunteering Activity - Making a Difference To Your Community