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Empowering Young People through Art: Activity Grant Case Study

In August 2022, Cup-O-T Wellness and Therapy Services applied for a Momentum activity grant of £385 to use towards putting together a two-day exhibition of anonymous postcards containing the inner world and secrets of young people and families across Norfolk.

BubbleThe grant was applied for by a young person, Courtney, alongside Occupational Therapist Catherine. The young people involved took the responsibility of all areas of running the exhibition to build their confidence and skills such as executive function, social skills, managing a budget, interacting with members of the public and other practical skills needed to run a successful event.

The exhibition took place between 13th – 15th January 2023 and was held at StART Studio, in Wymondham. The project itself gave a voice to the young community, to express their views and experience of the world. The primary focus was on emotional well-being, being able to express your thoughts, feelings, and life experience in a positive and safe way, where you can find support and not feel as alone.

At the launch evening event Courtney spoke about the project which was a huge achievement. The exhibition enabled Courtney to build on her confidence, planning skills, and public speaking. Young people often worry about speaking out due to not knowing how or where to go with their inner thoughts, there’s fear of the consequence or a worry about worrying and upsetting others. This can lead to worries building up and impacting young people’s mental health.

Bubble2Momentum’s Groups Officer, Charlotte Berry, attended the exhibition launch on Friday 13th January, and said that “the design of the exhibition was amazing; the use of dark space and fluorescent mini torches to shine upon postcards hung up around the room was a genius way of presenting such a powerful piece. It made me extremely proud to have been able to support this project.”

Over the duration of the exhibition, 60 young people took part in contributing postcards anonymously to the exhibition. They were from local youth organisations, young carers groups, schools, and therapy groups. Additionally, approximately 80 people attended the exhibition and visitors were able to contribute their own secrets postcard. Resources were also made available to contributors and visitors to support them with their mental health, as well as a space to talk with our therapy team at the exhibition.

Groups can apply for up to two grants of £500 per financial year. Find out more on our Grants page.


Postcards from the Festival of Community Secrets