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EP Youth: Equipment Grant

In February 2021 EP Youth were awarded one of our Small Grants. The grant was used to buy art equipment and resources for activity bags enabling young people to be creative at home during lockdown. The aim of the activity bags was to encourage the young people to try something different, improve their wellbeing by doing creative activities and have fun.

The group has now returned to ‘face to face’ meetings but the benefits from the activity bags still continue. The group leader has noticed that the young people are now more willing to take creative risks with their art work. They are more willing to try new things and are producing a higher standard of art work.

Feedback from the young people involved:

  • One young person had always wanted to try painting but had never before had access to paint brushes.
  • A young carer who lived in an isolated rural location found that the activities gave them respite from their responsibilities.
  • One person reported that focusing on a creative project helped them feel calm. 
  • Another young person found the art activities provided them with a haven away from negative dynamics at home. Their social worker commented that they could see the art activities had a positive effect on them.

Groups can apply for up to two grants of £500 per financial year. Find out more on our Grants page.


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